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Industrial Water Treatment

Process WaterThe industrial water ranges from cooling and boiler feed water in power stations and process water from a various industrial use.

Process Water

Industry needs water of different qualities for Production purposes. The demands with regard to the standard and purity of the water range from simple, low- quality washing water, to pure boiler-feed water for steam production. The public drinking water network can be used as source of raw water, along with Ground- and surface water.

AESPL offers an extensive portfolio of treatment processes for the securing of the quantitative and qualitative supply of water to industrial companies. Flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, full and partial desalination by softening, reverse osmosis, ion exchange and thermal desalination processes, are combined and implemented according to individual requirements.

The availability and integration of these diverse processes, not only facilitates an optimum response to specific situations, but also water recycling in closed cycles, which conserves resources.

Boiler Feed Water

Process WaterIn various industrial facilities, such as those in the field of power generation or the petrochemical industry, boiler plants are often the key component in the production process. Such plants need top quality water, in order to prevent dangerous scaling.

Boiler feed water is obtained from a wide range of raw water sources. The related treatment processes are tailor-made to match the respective raw water composition and the required boiler feed water quality.